top 10 best ping sites list in 2019

Which are the best pinging site to submit your website articles. in a new tab)

If you are a blogger and not getting much traffic to your site
That means you are doing some mistakes. The mistakes is are of two types.

(1)  You are not doing any SEO on your site and there is more required of backlinks for your site to grow up.

(2)  The articles which you have written is not well formed because you are not searching for any keywords related to your Niche.

There are many ways to submit your website or your articles into different sites but this will take much time to go and submit articles.

Today I will tell you Top 10 website where you can submit your articles URL or your website URL easily.
These are the ping sites you can go and submit your URL.

What are ping sites?

Ping sites are one kind of online based tool that will submit your given URL to several search engines, directories, communities, content aggregators and some other places.

How to use ping sites?

Ping Sites are very simple and easy to use you just need to submit your URL and click on the submit button than these all websites submit your URL in different search engines, directories etc.

Best ping sites.

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