how to increase your website traffic for free

How to increase organic traffic on website.

how to increase your website traffic for free

How to increase traffic to my blog for free.


How to get free thousands of visitors on your website
This is the question which always come to your mind
The question is most important for all the new bloggers
There are thousands of websites available on the  internet but most of the websites are fake and some the websites provides you with free traffic to come on your site but these websites give you a no-follow backlinks to your website.

If you have created a new website and there is not much traffic to your site so I will suggest you some websites which help you to get daily traffic to your site.
The website name is

Methods :

(1) is the best platform to promote your website.
There is some processure you must follow
(1) click on the link below and you will be redirect to this website you can check the DA and PA of this website or there are millions of daily visitors come to this website.

(2) Create your account by signing up after signing there is some processor you must
have to follow to promote your articles.
First you need to create a PDF File for your article. I have discuss about this on my privous article so go and checkout otherwise you will not able to understand this processor. The link has been mentioned below.
I will give to some tips that how you can create a PDF File.
There is a website called PrintFriendly website
First copy your content url which you want to create a PDF File
The most important part before you create a PDF FILE you must link your website URL on any words of your content and then copy and paste the link on PrintFriendly website after you have copy the content URL, there will be the option available to paste your content URL after you paste your URL your PDF File will be created.

Click on the link below to know more information about:

(3) If you finish creating the PDF File come to the Issuu website.
After you get login into this issuu website then you can upload your PDF File which you have been created.

If one of the person comes and reads your PDF File from this Issuu website and he will click on that words which you have link your website URL he will be redirect to your website and will be get a do-follow link
Try this website and let me know on the comments section.
I personally have used this website to bring thousands of traffic on my site.

Free website traffic generator

There are some more websites which you can use to get more traffic on your site and it easy method you don’t have to work much more on this website only you have to submit your article url on this website which I am going to tell you and it is 100% trusted website I personally have try to index my content url on different pages

How to increase free traffic to my website fast

(1) Freewebsubmission




(5) Bing webmaster tool

(6) Search Engine Console

Conclusion :

There are 6 websites which I used to promote my Content url and it is very helpful to your SEO because you just have to submit your content url on this websites and they will do all your works by transferring your URL on every page of the google, yahoo, Bing, and other trusted websites
So go and checkout this top 6 website the link has been mentioned on top.

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