How to get a job fast 5 simple steps.

5 Ways to Find Your Dream Job – Entrepreneur
5 Ways to Find Your Dream Job - Entrepreneur

1) Make a small and accurate resume

In today’s world almost all people are fighting for time. Nobody has the patience to go through such a long and boring resume, so keep your resume short and maintain only useful and interesting stuff. Do not entice long pars to write, thinking that your resume will be impressive with a lot of information. Highlight only those skills that require a special task. You can do the proper research and start the job again if you wish.

2) Find placement agencies in India

There are many Indian companies that employ employees through Placement Agencies . So you can easily find a placement Agency and submit your job profile. Some of these agencies may charge, but most of them do not. Beware of any fake placement agencies, because there are many Agencies that can take money from you and can not help you get a job.

3) Check Company Career Page

The simplest way in which freshers, as well as experienced candidates can find the best jobs for themselves, is by checking the Career Page on a particular website. Many MNC and other company’s post job vacancies on their career page. In order to apply for such jobs, you must either register on th nje company’s website or send it to your CV directly at the given email id.

5 Ways to Find Your Dream Job - Entrepreneur

4) Use social media
Social Media  platforms are very popular these days and many people use them to find jobs of their choice. LinkedIn  In is the most popular
social networking platform fo ial networking platform for professionals, so if you are a job seeker, first and foremost you should make a profile on LinkedIn . You will be able to search for your choice, company profile, employees working in a company etc. You can connect to groups related to your job profile on Facebook. Many companies and individuals post their needs on such groups. You can also post status about job requirements and the concerned person will ask you to mail the CV to your email ID.

5 Ways to Find Your Dream Job - Entrepreneur

5. Find Jobs Using Online Job Portals

There are lots of online sites and job portals available that will help you get the right job for yourself. All you have to do is upload your CV or start the Portfolio again and fill some details like Websites and apps like , M, actually .com etc. or you can use video resume apps like Oyer Through which you will be able to work fast without doing much work, you just have to give yourself an introduction and express your skills through a small video, other details Shall be filled. If you want you can upload profile and Portfolio dock in your resume. A Recruiter who finds your video effective will swipe on the right to like it and will contact you directly via WhatsApp, Mail or Call.

5 Ways to Find Your Dream Job - Entrepreneur

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