How to add an email subscription function to Blogger

How to add an email subscription function to Blogger

How to add Blogger Email Subscription Widget

If you are a Blogger and you want to add email Subscription in your blog so there is an easy method to add the subscription button The Subscription button in your blog will help you to connect with the audience in all over the country. 

If the person has enter his email in your Blog then he will be get the notification first when you post a new content in your blog.
So let us know how to Add the Email Subscription Button there is an simple point that you have to understand 

How to add email subscription widget for Blogger :

1) Open your crome, Browse , Google etc. 

2) In your Crome write Feedburner and the new page will get open so click on the first link. 

3) You will get redirect to the Feedburner page by clicking on the first link. 

Now what you have to do is 
 Enter your blog url on the blank space where they ask you to type your Blog feed address. 
After entering your blog url you will redirect to a new page there you have given two option you need to select the first option and then click on next button 

Then the other page will get open you can see on the above images. In this page if you want to do some changes you can do or click on the Next Button. The following stage will come just click on the next next button after finishing the process then you will redirect to the Feedburner dashboard you can see below images

4) on the top there you can see 4 option (Analyze ,Optimize ,Publicize and Troubleshootize

5) click on the Publicize button 
And there you you can see
Email Subscription option 

After clicking on the email email subscription option you need to activate you email Subscription
After Activating you will receive a code on that Email subscription. 

6) Copy the code and come to your Blogger layout option and where you want to place your Subscription button Click on the Add gadget option and select the Html/Java script option. 

After clicking on the HTML/ Java script open the HTML/Java script and paste the code inside. 
And then click on the save button 
So now to can view your blog and you will see your Subscription button where you have placed 

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